Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan for FY2022-2023 continues five Initiatives: 

  • Employees 
  • Beautification
  • Infrastructure 
  • Community Trust and Engagement 
  • Community and Economic Development 

First Report: July 5th, 2022 

PDF Strategic Plan 7.1.2022   Video #1 July 5, 2022 Video #2 July 26th, 2022

Second Report: October 18th, 2022

PDF Strategic Plan 10.1.2022    Images PowerPoint Presentation    Video: October 18, 2022

Other Reports

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FY23 Strategic Plan

2021-2022 Strategic Plan

Please see the below links for detailed reports covering 2021 and early 2022 progress on the Strategic Plan. 



Beautification Improve attractiveness of City entryways and properties

Beautification Increase our efforts to clean up dilapidated and dangerous buildings

Beautification Leverage code enforcement as a beautification tool

Beautification Develop programs and projects to support City beautification efforts

Community and Economic Development

Community and Economic Development Partner to reduce the number of unused and vacant buildings

Community and Economic Development Prepare properties to be shovel-ready for development

Community and Economic Development Strengthen partnerships with economic development agencies

Community and Economic Development Diversify indoor recreation and other activities

Community and Economic Development Expand the Citys business recruitment and development program

Community Trust and Engagement

Community Trust and Engagement Continue gathering resident feedback through surveys

Community Trust and Engagement Increase the Citys efforts in training and recognizing volunteers

Community Trust and Engagement Improve the City efforts to inform the public 


Employees Competitive compensation and benefits

Employees Invest in our employees through training and equipment

Employees Revise policies and procedures

Employees Strengthen purpose, direction, and unity of employees

Employees Appreciate and recognize employees


Infrastructure Continue source water protection

Infrastructure Ensure consistent funding for infrastructure

Infrastructure Improve our ability to track and report on infrastructure

Infrastructure Improve the Citys storm water and floodplain management