The City of Rawlins has created an Adopt-A-Street program in Rawlins. As citizens, we have all noticed the need for trash removal on our streets and byways at some time. In the public meetings held recently for tourism and for the city master plan, the cleanliness of our community was one of the top 5 concerns of the community participants.

The Adopt-a-Street program is a partnership between the City of Rawlins and the Rawlins residents. If you would like to see our community cleaner, this is a great opportunity to help out on your own time. You don't have to come on a specific day, just help out on a schedule that works for you.

A map of areas that need the most assistance has been created. However, adopters can also select an area of their choice. Adopters will safely and thoroughly remove trash and debris from the area. It is recommended the area be cleared two times a calendar year, generally in the spring and fall. Sections include both sides of the street, and are about a half mile long.

Adopters can be anyone that is interested. Anyone from a community organization or a business to a family is welcome to help keep Rawlins clean.

More information about this program is available through the documents on this page. For more information, please contact Patti Hays at the Rawlins Family Recreation Center, 307-324-7529 or 1616 Harshman. She can answer questions, send you a packet with all the details, and arrange for someone to visit your business or organization.