Internet Improvement

The City of Rawlins needs your help to improve our internet service! We know that the reliability, affordability, and speed of internet services in town could be improved. As the city, we are ready to help make a change, but we need the involvement of our residents. Please take the speed test linked below and fill out the form with all the details you want to provide. This information will then be used to prove the needs present in our community and shared with the State of Wyoming. 

Currently, Mountain West Technology has approached the City of Rawlins and other community partners to support their grant proposal to the Wyoming Business Council. This grant will assist them in bringing fiber-based internet to Rawlins, which provides faster and more reliable internet. If you are interested in supporting this proposal, please mark 'yes' below. 

If you have any questions, please contact Nate Davison, Economic Development Director, at 307-328-4500 ext. 1091 or at 

Internet Feedback

  1. Feedback to the City of Rawlins and Wyoming Business Council re: Internet in Rawlins

    Please note that no fields are required. However, any specifics provided help the City of Rawlins partner to find resources to meet our community's needs. 

  2. Speed Test

    Please take the speed test at and note your upload and download speeds. Taking this test provides specific data numbers to support our need for better internet to the State of Wyoming. 

  3. Grant Support - Optional

    I am also interested in supporting Mountain West Technologies Corporation's grant request to the Wyoming Business Council to provide high-speed fiber internet service (up to 1,000 megabits per second (Mbs) upload and 1,000 Mbs download speeds) to Rawlins. By selecting yes below, I acknowledge that I support this project and would utilize service at this address. 

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