Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance Program

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Victim Advocates

The Victim Assistance Program provides victims with support, assistance, and crisis intervention at a time when it is most needed. The initial shock following a crime, sudden death, or other trauma is harsh and painful for those involved. On a scene, the patrol officers act with compassion and sympathy, but their primary responsibility is related to law enforcement, such as crime scene investigation and filling out police reports. The victim advocates solely focus their attention on the victims. Their primary purpose is to help the victim and family members cope with the crisis at hand. The Victim Assistance Program is staffed by dedicated and highly trained advocates who are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond immediately to the scene of a crime, accident, or victim's home at the request of a police officer.


The Victim Assistance Program is always looking for more volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the program contact Rawlins Police Department at (307) 328-4530. Volunteer Application (PDF)

Volunteer Information Flyer