Animal Control

Leah Ketner

ACO Leah Ketner

Roberto Valdes

ACO Roberto Valdes

Rawlins Animal Control works with the Rawlins Police Department under the direction of the Police Chief, supervised by Lieutenant Daria Hooper.

Animal Control's main responsibilities are to respond to all animal related calls including, but not limited to:

  • Assisting in Pet Care Education
  • Picking up Stray and At-large Animals within the city limits
  • Enforcing Animal Ordinances
  • Removing Nuisances
  • Testifying in Court
  • Writing Citations


Animal Control operates and cares for the Rawlins-Rochelle Animal Shelter seven (7) days a week. At the shelter, the Animal Control Officers take in surrendered and misplaced pets. An impounded animal remaining in the Rawlins-Rochelle Animal shelter for over five (5) days without being claimed by the owner shall become the property of the City and shall then be available for adoption. Any animal impounded shall be released to the owner thereof upon payment of all fees due to the Rawlins-Rochelle Animal Shelter.


Impound $12.00
Daily Storage $10.00

Adoption Fee

Cats $25.00
Dogs $40.00

Pre-adoption questionnaire

Surrender Fee

Cat/Dog $25.00

Shelter Hours

The Rawlins-Rochelle Animal Shelter is open to the public Monday through Friday, 3:00 to 5:30 PM, or by appointment. Please call 307-328-4534 to make an appointment.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Rawlins-Rochelle Animal Shelter is always accepting volunteer applications from interested individuals who are seeking to contribute to the community of Rawlins through a volunteer capacity with the animal services. Volunteer applications can be picked up at the Rawlins-Rochelle Animal Shelter or the Rawlins Police Department. Interested individuals should call the Rawlins-Rochelle Animal Shelter 307-328-4534. Volunteer Application (PDF):


It is the mission of the Rawlins-Rochelle Animal Shelter and Rawlins Animal Control to provide high quality care to all animals in its care, to prevent suffering, and to provide an effective animal control program in the community by actively enforcing state and local laws, while promoting responsible pet ownership and welfare.

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