Community Development

Department Mission:

The Community Development Department will strive to promote and accommodate growth while preserving the area's unique natural resources and community values. We are committed to be the most professional and considerate public servants while continuously working to improve the quality of life in Rawlins.

Department Description: 

The Community Development Department works in conjunction with the Rawlins Planning & Zoning Commission, and the Board of Adjustments. Community Development's primary function is to administer Title 18 (subdivisions) (PDF), Title 19 (zoning) (PDF), and 20 (annexations) (PDF) of the Rawlins Municipal Code. Community Development encompasses both the Building Office and Nuisance Abatement.

Community Development deals with: Permits for Construction, Street Cuts, Water & Sewer Taps and Special Use, Contractors Licenses to include General, Handyman, Specialty Trades, Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC- Heating & Air Conditioning, and Fire Suppression, Inspections to include: Gas, Electrical, Plumbing, Mobile Home Installs, Building Code Questions, Set-backs, Planning and Zoning, Building Codes, Property Development, Signage Codes, Dangerous Buildings, and land use activities occurring in the city.