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December 28, 2022

Take Permit at Landfill

Managing the raven population at the Rawlins landfill has been an ongoing concern. Ravens have caused human health and safety issues, in addition to damaging livestock and equipment. This has been a serious issue for City staff, visitors to the landfill as well as surrounding ranchers. USDA Wildlife Services has a take permit for common ravens, and they have performed a lengthy process at the federal level to assess alternatives and to determine environmental impacts. The methods used result in no secondary toxicity, which would cause danger to pets or other animals. The take will continue through January 2023.

The City of Rawlins is also planning repairs which will help with raven population management. This includes repairing the MSW building at the landfill to block access to the inside of the building. The city is also looking to replace garage doors that have been damaged beyond repair.

For more information or questions regarding disposal, please contact Luke of USDA Wildlife Services at 307-710-1498. For media inquiries, please contact Brady Smith at

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