Petition for State Water Funding


Attn: SLIB Board Members; Governor Mark Gordon, Secretary of State Ed Buchanan, Auditor Kristi Racines, Treasurer Curt Meier, and Superintendent Brian Schroeder,  

We are petitioning you as concerned citizens and constituents to ask for your help in funding the Rawlins' water service delivery system that serves the City of Rawlins and the Town of Sinclair. All these community residents depend on the water for hydration, bathing, cleaning, fire suppression, irrigation, industrial operations, and livestock watering. As your constituents, we feel that it is within your power to fund at least a portion of the project.

On March 3rd, 2022, our entire water delivery system failed. 40% of the homes had no water and the remaining homes only had non-potable potentially contaminated water for six days. Showers, baths, washing dishes and even flushing the toilet were no longer options available to us. For hygienic purposes, all restaurants and schools had to shut down for several days-severely impacting our economic and educational systems. Even with parts of the system restored, another failure of the system could happen at any time.

Therefore, we are asking you to please fund our water infrastructure grant applications so that we can regain our infrastructure and confidence in our water supply again.  


Water Infrastructure Petition

  1. I support funding being allocated for Rawlins Water Infrastrucure and feel it is vital for our community to thrive.
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