Cemetery Division

The Cemetery is managed cooperatively by two Departments. The Community Development Department handles all items related to burials and recordkeeping. The Parks & Recreation Department handles cemetery landscaping and maintenance.  Contacts for each Department are listed to the right or below, depending on your browser. 

Hours and Accessibility

The cemetery is open daily from 6:00 am to 12:00 midnight. The cemetery office (located immediately south of the cemetery in the Public Works/Community Development Complex) is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays. The cemetery has a gazebo which holds cases of plot maps that can be accessed during open hours every day. There are directions for reading the plot maps placed in the same case. The deceased location will be needed to find the plot; Alphabetical Burial List (PDF)

Cemetery Lot Regulations

The City of Rawlins Cemetery Division, under the direction of the cemetery sexton, has responsibility for the care and maintenance of the cemetery's 40-developed acres Lot Regulations Brochure (PDF). This responsibility derives from City Ordinance 8.04.010 through 8.04.120 of the Rawlins Municipal Code (PDF).

General Care of the Cemetery

All interments, grading, landscaping, planting, and trimming will be done by cemetery personnel. Any improvements or alterations to any lot shall be done by cemetery personnel. The City of Rawlins retains the right to remove or alter any lot improvements if they become unsightly or pose a safety hazard. The alteration or removal shall be at the expense of the lot owner.

If you have any questions regarding cemetery landscaping and maintenance, such as mowing, watering, and monuments, please contact Parks & Recreation Director Jason Sehon at 307-328-7529. 

Lot Decoration - Flowers and Flags

Freshly cut and artificial flowers, sprays, wreaths, and flags may only be attached to monuments or placed in vases or containers within the monument or their base. Cemetery personnel will remove freshly cut and artificial flowers that have died, faded, broken, or become unsightly. 

No plants, trees, shrubs, or live flowers shall be planted upon any lot in the cemetery without prior approval of the sexton.

Decorative Material

Decorative rods, shepherds hooks, or iron stands, commercially purchased or privately built, will be allowed only if the rod is permanently attached within the monument foundation. Anything hung from a rod must be secured to prevent it from blowing off. The rod and any items secured to the rod must not obstruct any maintenance procedure. The use of tiles, lawn ornaments, brick, gravel, crushed rock, wood bark, or similar materials on any lot is strictly prohibited.