Cemetery Upkeep

This page seeks to clarify the cemetery maintenance laws and current practices, and share some information which clarifies what is done and why.

Per City Ordinance 8.04.010 through 8.04.120, no items may be placed in the cemetery which are not either secured to the headstone or placed into a vase permanently installed on the monument. Unsightly items are also not allowed. This means that any item not securely attached to the monument AND any unsightly item can be removed at any time

In honor of Memorial Day, additional decorations may be placed May 22nd-June 6th. Outside of this time period, items may be removed at any time. 

As the green spaces staff works in the cemetery and reaches monuments, they will be complying with the ordinance and removing items which do not meet the criteria above. As a general reminder, the ordinance states:

  • No plants, trees, shrubs or live flowers shall be planted upon any lot in the cemetery without prior approval of the cemetery sexton.
  • Freshly cut and artificial flowers, sprays, wreaths and flags may only be attached to monuments or placed in vases or containers within the monument or their base and must not be unsightly.
  • Specifically forbidden, whether temporary or permanent, is any container made of glass, porcelain, or pottery.
  • Vases and statues shall be installed with a base and foundation or shall be permanently installed as a part of the monument.
  • No coping, curbing, hedging, borders, fencing or enclosure of any kind shall be installed on any lot.

When securing items or placing them in the vases, please keep in mind that we are a high wind area. Items often blow away from the original monument if they are not firmly secured.

If you would like to see this or any other city ordinance changed, you are always welcome to present your idea to the City Manager or the relevant department head. They will bring it before Council in a timely manner. Citizens may also attend City Council meetings held on the first and third Tuesday of the month at City Hall: 521 W. Cedar and address the Council directly during Citizen’s Participation.

Feedback can also be given to the city in two ways. This can be feedback concerning the maintenance of the cemetery or about a specific plot. Concerns can be submitted via the City Website under “Report a Concern”. Any concern which does not fall into the available categories can be submitted to Community Relations under General Concerns. Feedback can also be written and dropped off at the Finance office in City Hall at 521 W. Cedar, for delivery to the relevant departments. It can also be mailed to City of Rawlins, Community Relations Coordinator, PO Box 953, Rawlins, WY 82301. Please include name and phone number so that we can follow-up with you.

For more information on the ordinances or general cemetery questions, please refer to the Cemetery Division page on our website at http://rawlinswy.org/135/Cemetery-Division. You can also contact Mira Miller, City of Rawlins Community Relations Coordinator, at 307-328-4500 ext. 1022.